Update Priorities

When publishing releases, reth will include an "Update Priority" section in the release notes, in the same manner Lighthouse does.

The "Update Priority" section will include a table which may appear like so:

User ClassPriority
Payload BuildersMedium Priority
Non-Payload BuildersLow Priority

To understand this table, the following terms are important:

  • Payload builders are those who use reth to build and validate payloads.
  • Non-payload builders are those who run reth for other purposes (e.g., data analysis, RPC or applications).
  • High priority updates should be completed as soon as possible (e.g., hours or days).
  • Medium priority updates should be completed at the next convenience (e.g., days or a week).
  • Low priority updates should be completed in the next routine update cycle (e.g., two weeks).